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Dr. Lynn standing in front of her office in Felton, CA

About Me

Dr. Lynelle Lynn based in Felton, CA (CA License #PSY32165), previously based out of Dallas, TX (TX License #36032), received her Doctorate of Psychology from Alliant International University in Fresno, California. She has two master's degrees, one from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio in Human Science and the second from California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, California in Clinical Psychology. Prior to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo for two years.

She is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Health Psychology, and works well with adult patients (30 and older). 

Dr. Lynn was born and raised in San Jose, CA. She moved to Texas after receiving her undergraduate degree in 1996. She moved to Boulder Creek, CA with her family in October 2020. She continues to work with individuals/couples in both Texas and California. 


Dr. Lynn organically began working with Seniors during her Postdoctoral residency in 2006. It was, and remains, a natural pairing. She has worked with geriatric clients, both inpatient and outpatient, since then. She understands the challenges of retirement, preparing for retirement, and the grief that seniors experience with life events. 

Dr. Lynn uses a combination of cognitive, interpersonal, existential, and solution focused therapies to assist individual clients and couples navigate their top of mind concerns. She meets each client with dignity and respect with regards to their individual experiences, traumas and mental health concerns. She does not impose a pre-scripted agenda and instead is mindful of the retirement transition and creating the retirement that the mature adult deserves and desires. Most of the seniors she works with have underlying medical and/or end of life concerns. Clients often feel alone and may be searching for meaning and purpose. She works with early dementia clients: diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, she works with family members or loved ones who are also adjusting to the changes.

Image by Mick Haupt

"I am an 'old soul.' I have always related to seniors well. Respect and compassion are central to my work with seniors. Each client is an authority. I respect and revere that authority. When I combine the authority and wisdom the client has in the session with my own experience and training, magic happens. We become a team; a team with a common goal."
~Dr. Lynn~

On a Personal Note...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A 4.5 inch tumor that was a wall of cells undetectable by touch. My immediate reactions included “Will I live?” “Will I see my children grow up?” “Is all the time I spent in school a waste, because I should have been with my family?” “What will my life look like now?” “Do I have value as a mother, wife and professional?” “What do I need to have in my life to make the time I have left worth every moment?” My reality…Sleep, TV, FB, worry, loneliness, depression, fear and of course, doctor appointments- a million doctor appointments.

And then I fought. I fought for my life. Now, I don't mean that I fought medically, although I did, but I fought for value with my time, meaning in each day. I fought the anxiety and the depression with everything I had. I was not going to go out of this life without a bang, without meaning, value and joy.

In the end I won. I had not only beat the cancer with a big ‘ol stick, but I claimed my life. I made it worthwhile to live. I was no longer going through the motions of a life.  I found my meaning, I chose how to spend my time and with who, I stepped out of fear and depression and claimed my emotions. Was it easy? Hell no! It was hard. I had to define who I was, make a list of priorities, and then put it into action. I am not comparing retirement with being diagnosed with cancer, but I am comparing it to the emotional roller coaster of a life altering event that changes your life. 

Retirement is a change that most of us dream about, fantasize about. In reality, it sometimes arrives as a huge smack in the face with many unforeseen challenges and choices. It comes with a huge reality check. It comes fast and as it does, retirement can surprisingly and quickly be seen as difficult, scary, lonely, overwhelming, and disappointing.

When I am not working with clients...
I spend my time with my husband and our two sons,19 and 11. I enjoy movies, video games, and sitting on the porch under the redwood trees with an iced tea.

Image by Angiola Harry
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