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Paying for Therapy

Dr. Lynn is a Preferred Provider of Medicare (traditional/regular only) and all secondary policies or supplement policies.

Clients with Medicare who do not have a supplemental policy are responsible for the annual deductible (if any) and 20% copay. Clients with Medicare who have a secondary policy that does not cover the annual deductible or all of the 20% copay are responsible for the balance. 

 A current credit card is required to be kept on file at all times.

It will not be used without direct consent for a charge and will be purged from the account on discharge from services. 

Session Pricing

For clients who do not have insurance or are with an insurance plan other than Medicare (traditional/regular) 

50 Minute Session



Each 30 min add-on




40 Minute Session



30 Minute Session



Prepaid Packages

Package pricing is only offered after the initial session and it is decided that Dr. Lynn and client(s) are a good fit for services and wish to proceed with therapy.

Pricing does not include:

  • The first session which is billed at the regular rate.

  • Any add on time or extended session.

Six 50 Minute Sessions





Additional Services

Legal Services

Forensic Consultation

  • Subpoena

  • Court Involvement

  • Lawyer Interaction


Court Appearance

  • 4 hour minimum

  • Paid in full a week prior to the date



  • Travel time (to and from)

  • Preparation time



Psychiatric Diagnosis 

  • Clinical interview 

  • MMSE


Psychological Assessments

  • Priced on a case by case basis

  • Price ranges depending on what is necessary for the individual

$1500 to $3000 per battery

Payment Information

Payment is expected/collected on the date of session, unless an alternate agreement has been made prior to the session date in writing.

All major credit cards, Venmo (@EmpoweringBalance), cash/check, money order, direct check from a financial institution


If a check is returned for any reason a fee of $25 will be added to the balance and checks will no longer be accepted as payment option. 

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